Tue 06 March 2018


With the ever increasing rate at which exciting new software projects are emerging it becomes increasingly challenging to keep up with and experiment with these updates

I’m a faithful and happy user of virtual machines – I have VirtualBox installed on all my machines. With the natural expansion in my desire for features that are more closely tuned for my purposes, I’ve been exploring and playing with Docker and LXC. I’m basically after a lightweight easy to setup environment with the benefits and convenience of Virtual machines minus the performance costs.

I am starting new investigative projects and wish to maintain my development machine in a ‘pristine’ condition unfettered by a random assortment of libraries long forgotten when I move on to new projects and ideas.

The first goal is to create a lightweight, predictable and repeatable sandbox environment that supports GUI applications.

LinuX ContainerLXC Containers as Sandbox Environments
LinuX ContainerHow to run GUI Applications in an LXC Container