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I was the kid who got the electronics experiment kit for Christmas at the age of nine and never stopped playing with it. Today my love affair with computers and electronics continues, I now design software for leading financial services companies and software houses.

Infatuation with Computer Hardware

IBM Small Businesses and IBM Canada Shopping Cart e-commerce web site, both based on Lotus Domino. The web sites are distinguished by their highly interactive nature.

The very thought that I could "breath" life into a hunk of hardware fascinated me.


Bitten by the bug, I pursued my interest in digital signal processing at Sussex University.

My project was entitled "Digital Synthesis of Complex Waveforms".
I designed and built wave shaping synthesizer hardware controlled by a
Z-80 microcomputer running software I wrote.

I successfully synthesized natural music tones by implementing
Chebyshev polynomials of the first kind  - a set of orthogonal polynomials.


For an in depth education in digital electronics engineering I enrolled on an accelerated 12 month Masters program at Aston University in England. My thesis was a little ahead of the Go Green Movement: "Centralized Monitoring and Control of Building Services"

I designed and built a 'plug-and-play' network of microcomputer control systems to provide programmable, centralized control of remotely located resources for energy savings.

Energy saving features included peak demand load shedding and duty cycling of non-critical electrical equipment.

As a cost saving measure I designed power-line transmission for communication among the distributed microcomputers using a proprietary communication protocol I developed.

Career Summary

Who I am is perhaps best described by what I’ve built.

2012 - now VCE Company
Senior Software Engineer: Member of Cloud Service, Management and Orchestration development team designing and building software stack for VCE VBlock using Agile/Scrum development methodology.

2011 - 2012 Brown Brothers Harriman
Consultant: Worked on a modular corporate actions workflow application that provides event management, prime notice generation and response capabilities using Agile Development processes. The product is a large scale, high volume, high performance and transactional system built using WebSphere, MQ, Oracle, DB2, Spring 3.0, PrimeFaces/RichFaces 4.0/JSF, Hibernate and Ajax. Subversion source control with Jenkins Continuous Integration.

2008 - 2010 MathWorks Inc.
Senior Software Engineer: MATLAB Infrastructure and Data Tools Group – Lead the effort to replace MATLAB's data import capabilities using Agile Development processes including Test Driven Development. Prototyping with Balsamiq. Responsible for maintaining Java Swing and MATLAB code based components for viewing and editing data in MATLAB.

2000 – 2008 Thomson Financial Services/Omgeo
Consultant/Principal Software Engineer on Central Trade Manager – Lead GUI design. Designed and architected user interface frameworks and data connectivity services based on a high-availability, J2EE platform for Omgeo CTM a work flow solution to enable clients to manage their trading operations intelligently. Technologies used: custom JSP tags, Swing, Ajax, Spring, Struts and Hibernate. The products were written in Java for deployment under Sun Solaris, Oracle 10 and BEA Weblogic Server. Other technologies used include JMS, MQ, JDBC, CORBA, iPlanet, ClearTrust and Clearcase. Have recently developed using Agile development methodology.

1999 – 2000 Breakaway Solutions
Consultant -- Arbinet, a web-based community in which buyers and sellers are brought together to trade Telecom voice minutes and services on a secure exchange. Developed a Java based telecom switch agent to communicate route plans to the telecom switch.

1999 Fidelity Investments – Fidelity Retail Electronic Commerce Group
Consultant -- Enhanced a web-based online service center – a set of real-time tools and services to help customers manage their brokerage accounts.

1999 True Software/Content-Integrity
Consultant – Responsible for the design and development of Java applet clients and DHTML based web pages for a Web-hosted Change Management Service for Business-to-Business ("B2B") Web sites. Responsible for the design and development of out-of-sandbox, multi-vendor Java Applet clients and DHTML based web pages for the TRUEweb E-Commerce change management and deployment appliance. TRUEweb is designed to provide robust Enterprise Level Change Management.

1997 – 1999 Thomson Financial Services - Electronic Settlements Group
Consultant – as part of a team, designed and developed the client piece of a 3-tier client/server transaction settlement system. The client is a standalone object-orientated Java application that makes extensive use of Swing.

1997 Strategic Interactive Group of Bronner Slosberg Humphrey now Digitas
Consultant -- Worked with a small team designing and reviewing the IBM Small Businesses and IBM Canada Shopping Cart e-commerce web site, both based on Lotus Domino 4.52. The web sites are distinguished by their highly interactive nature.

1997 Liberty Mutual
Consultant – Business Applications. Lead the architecture, design and development of object-orientated client component of a Web based Account Management System.

1997 Fidelity Investments Systems Company
Consultant – Internet Application Services– lead the design and implementation of the Form Print Service for the New Hire Employee System based on Adobe Acrobat technology.

1996 Fidelity Investments Systems Company
Consultant – Technology Services– designed and implemented internal order crossing simulator for Fidelity order flow data (FBSI and ILN). Code written in C for cross platform operation - Windows 95/NT and Solaris

1987 – 1996 Lotus Development
Principal Software Engineer with Lotus Consulting, Enterprise Wide Group. Implemented Java based Notes/Inter Notes/Domino and ViP(VB Script) based custom applications to for a Work-Flow platform for Electronic Document Authoring, Profiling and Distribution.

Principal Software Engineer with the SmartSuite development team. Lead clipboard data integration group to promote and improve data exchange among the Lotus SmartSuite products.

Principal Software Engineer with the NOTES development team. Designed and implemented enhancements (for richer data interchange) in the mail gateway for NOTES and cc:Mail. Developed NOTES asynchronous messaging clients communicating via POP3, SMTP, IMAP and TCP/IP protocols.

Principal Software Engineer with the 1-2-3/G team. Designed and implemented Abstract Data Types for LEAF -- a Lotus Proprietary Object Oriented Language. Lead Design and Development of the following areas: File System, extended the File System to store and retrieve graphics layer objects; OLE, DDE /Clipboard; worked closely with the NOTES development team to implement the embedding of 123/G documents into NOTES documents using DIP and OLE.

Principal Software Engineer with the European Development Group. Specified the first Lotus proprietary Mail Exchange Protocol and Reliable Data Transfer Service to communicate with mail systems over MCI MEP2 Mail Exchange Protocol and the CCITT X.400 protocols.

1984 – 1986 Perkin-Elmer Data Systems now Concurrent Computer Corporation, UK
Systems Design Engineer - Designed and implemented a communications protocol stack for Concurrent's UNIX processors. This protocol stack consisted of a Transport Service Programming Interface, ISO class 2 Transport, a Network Layer based on X.25 protocol, and a link layer based on IEEE 802.3 LLC. I accomplished this work in a UNIX environment, using C. During this project; I supervised and directed the work of two other project members

1982 – 1984 British Telecom, National Networks, London, UK
Assistant Executive Engineer - Developed software written in C on UNIX workstations. Converted mainframe database over to Informix. Developed graphics tablet interface driver for accessing the new database.

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